Sept. 11, 2020


On this day September 11th, the year 2001. Can you who were alive and old enough to remember, remember where you were? I can tell you exactly where I was on that day. I remember like it was yesterday, when my boss came out and called everyone to the lunch room to watch on TV the events that were taking place that day. As we sat glue to tv watching as a plane flew into the World Trade Center then another, we could only sit there in horror wondering what was going on. Think about it, this doesn't happen to American in American, well again like pearl harbor of years past. I remember watching and feeling sad, patriotic for watching first responders running towards the burning buildings then I remember crying as I watched people jumping and people running away, then watching the buildings collapse 1 by 1 until there was a big mountain of rubble. Once the dust and stuff cleared you could hear beepers in the background going off. At that time not knowing what they were. When we did find out what they were, every fireman wore them and would go off if something  happened to them.  That's a round about way of telling you. I  remember hearing what seemed like thousands of them going off and crying because they didn't have to run in to the battle zone while everyone ran a way. Then I thought about the families and the loss they are about to soon discover. I couldn't imagine. I remember how over the next few days the search for survivors began and they even found some. Let's not forget about all the workers who showed up to work and lost their lives as well. I remember smoke still rising from the ashes 7 days after the incident and I thought this was just another way to make us Americans remember.  I remember how during this time our emotions were everywhere from being full of pride to extreme sadness. I watched church attendance explode because everyone was seeking answers and the only place the could find peace in their souls. As I today almost 20 years later look back and Remember that day I can't help but to think is this what its going to take to get people to turn back to Jesus or is it going to be an even bigger event.  I guess time will only tell. Maybe the easiest thing to do is turn your eyes on Jesus ,maybe this will keep bad things from happening in this world. Who knows. If we continue to live the way we are things will never change. Give it a chance learn from our mistakes, Remember our past and live for Him. Turn to Jesus today. Don't wait on the next big disaster, and then seek him for the answers do it now while you have a chance.  May God bless you and wrap his loving arms of protection around you